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The demographic dynamics, the changes of the pupils and students flow, the increasing educational needs require an active process for modernizing and extending the educational units.

Low financial resources and infrastructure limitations are often actual challenges, hedging the initiatives for modernizing schools, high schools and universities.

We invest in education, joining projects of buildings intended for educational sector, which stimulate the knowledge desire, contribute to the performance of the school system and host the emotion of the most important discoveries.

We design flexible spaces for study, research and qualification, customised for the specificity of the community they serve, requesting reasonable costs for construction, operation and maintenance.



The operation status of the sanitary system has a major impact upon the quality of life, and the access to modern medical practices, performance equipment and adequate treatment methods represent normal rights.

We believe in a sanitary infrastructure capable to satisfy the increasing demand and the patients’ customised needs for care and treatment, to ensure safe medical acts and to attract the best specialists in the medical labour market.

We join the ambitious plans for improving the medical infrastructure: we closely collaborate with authorities and financial institutions and involve in projects for modernizing and extending hospitals and clinics.



Protecting our cultural values, we keep the value defining us alive.

We appreciate the timeless charm and value of the patrimony buildings and of the historical monuments as identity goods of the national culture and we support the need to renovate and to preserve them for future generations.

We closely study and research the solutions for being able to stop the degradation of monuments, historical assemblies and sites, and the modalities as well for reintroducing them into tourist circuits, within restoration projects initiated by authorities.



The socio – administrative buildings are spaces serving community’s needs and establish connections among its members.

Their architecture, structure, split into rooms and positioning reflect the values of the institution that they host and contribute to urban identity.

We support projects for revitalizing buildings intended for administrative purposes, as a response to the need for improving the quality of the public services, the performance of the employees and the organizational efficacy.



The art galleries, museums, libraries, show halls, theatres and cinema halls play an emblematic role in the collective consciousness of the society.
They preserve and expose cultural goods and acts, reflect national values, provoke imagination and evolve at the same time with audience preoccupations.

The projects for renovating and developing buildings for artistic and cultural purposes generate numerous challenges: the necessity to improve visitors’ experience and to attract tourists at local level, the possibility to host events, the need for security, combination of functional elements and esthetical design lines.

By means of an approach that is strategic and creative at the same time and of close collaboration with authorities in charge, we make the most of cultural symbols, integrating all technical, energetic, functional, esthetical and social necessities that ensure economic, cultural and touristic performance.



The commercial buildings of today are often multifunctional centres, including leisure facilities, shops, services, restaurants, conference halls, business centres and spaces for events.

Being often touristic attractions per se, the commercial centres can be remarked for their atmosphere, comfort and functionality and have at the same time an important economic potential.

On a competitive market, with increasingly higher exigencies, we fulfil these necessities by projects for modern and resistant commercial spaces, which are flexible for current and future tendencies and in accordance with urban architecture.



The structure and architecture of the corporate spaces and assemblies transmit a strong message to clients and partners and have a significant impact upon attracting labour force.

We design and supervise the construction of office buildings supporting performance, collaboration and innovation, stimulating employees’ productivity and creativity and innovation as well, ensuring comfort and generous spaces for performing the activity.

At the same time, we offer a strategic approach of the way that could be used for reducing operational and maintenance costs, by improving energetic efficiency.



The touristic infrastructure represents a vector for local and regional economic development.

The sustainable development of this sector implies the intelligent valuation of the natural patrimony and of the local specificity, providing quality touristic services, ensuring performance transportation networks and attractively arranging the objectives.

The hotels are part of this process, contributing actively to the ascension of touristic circuits.

The location, the architecture, the elegance of arrangements, the comfort level and the range of facilities offered by hotels influence the tourists’ choice and are elements defining the vacation experience.
We understand all these elements and support touristic development by projects of hotels having distinctive identity and connecting people and places under superlative conditions.



The urban life style requires, by its dynamism, the development of spaces for relaxing and qualitatively spending spare time, in the very centre of the city.

Sportive and recreation assemblies respond to these needs and at the same time, by their touristic value, represent an important income source for the local economy.

We develop construction integrating the need to socialize, have fun and get into competition by temerarious projects, investing in visitors’ satisfaction and making the most of the natural environment.



The demographic dynamics, the change of inhabitants’ life style, the decentralization tendency and the development desire of the local communities are the main elements generating the need for urban revitalization.

The urban regeneration implies a process for modernizing infrastructure and utilities, revitalizing the urban plan, implying, among other things, works for building renovation and construction, and for rethinking their exploitation way.

We stimulate this process by means of active collaboration with local and regional decision-makers, civic representatives and with the best teams of specialists that can “redraw” the face of the cities, in order to enter new stages of social, touristic and economic development.

We carry along the vision, creativity, strategic thinking and experience of our team into an ample process of analyzing, planning and staging the modernization and reconfiguration of the cities.