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Conventional Energy

Knowing the challenges of the energetic sector and the complexity of the corresponding legislative framework, we supervise and manage the implementation of innovative and sustainable solutions to modernize and develop systems to produce and distribute electric and thermal energy and to increase energetic efficiency.



Even in the context of accentuated exploitation of renewable resources, the increased energy demand at global level and the need for constant supply generate an actual dependency on conventional energetic resources.

At present, fossil fuels ensure 85% of the energy consumption at global level, as they present the advantage of offering prices lower that for unconventional systems for energy production having the advantage of being able to permanently satisfy the consumers’ needs.

However, the problems faced by the traditional energetic sector cannot be ignored: tendency of resource depletion and at the same time – increase of prices, emissions of polluting harmful gases, necessity for constant re-dimensioning.

Under these conditions, it is necessary that energetic projects propose energy that is safe, efficient, accessible and correlated with demand and that focuses on preserving depleting resources and protecting natural environment.



The petroleum is the main primary energy source at global level, so that the process for petroleum extraction and refining will continue to play an important role in satisfying the demand in the energetic sector.

Despite high energetic efficiency, the petroleum exploitation and the use of derived products imply a series of ecological risks and effects: the emissions of carbon and other chemical compounds contributing to the greenhouse effect, the overflowing risk and the generation of toxic solid waste, having impacts upon natural ecosystems and climate, globally.
We prevent and counterbalance these effects by means of feasibility studies and impact studies, technical and financial consultancy for developing and modernizing onshore and offshore petroleum grounds and platforms.



Natural gas represents an energetic resource having tradition in producing electrical and thermal energy and it is estimated that it will continue to have an important weight in this sector.

The industry for extracting, processing and distributing natural gas is sustained by high demand at global level, but taking into account that it represents a depleting resource, its sustainable management is an aspect posing constant interest on the international energetic agenda.

We develop strategies for exploiting natural gas resources, with minimum ecologic impact, solutions for managing substances secondary to energetic use and efficient supply systems that are flexible to consumers’ demands.



The coal is the main resource used for producing electric energy, supplying approximately 40% of the global total.

The abundance, the low price, the wide occurrence and the capacity to ensure stable and efficient energy supply are factors that favoured the ascendant evolution of coal on the energetic market of the latest decades.

Despite these economic advantages, it is not possible to ignore the problem of massive carbon emissions generated by plants using coal and the necessity to control the damages caused to natural environment.

Understanding these realities, we concentrate our consultants’ experience and vision in order to identify the opportunities to modernize old plants and to design modern units, capable to transform coal into a clean energy source.