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Modernizing and Developing the Road Infrastructure

The road traffic is in a constant re-dimensioning process, as a response to the accentuated population mobility, to the increase of the vehicle number and economic dynamics.

We design and manage durable road infrastructure projects, which combine usefulness, respond to economic, social and environmental needs and intercept exactly the benefoiciaries’ technical, practical and esthetical needs.




More than ever before, people need to travel fast, comfortably and safely.

We bring this necessity closer to reality: modern roads, having high traffic capacity and where one can travel safely and in much lower time, at international standards, not hindering economic regional process.

We engage our infrastructure expertise and experience by ambitious highway projects, actively contributing to economic and touristic modernization and development.

We get people going and concentrate our technical and management experience in order to overcome logistic, financial, ecological or time limitations.



The projects for express roads represent a viable alternative for modernizing and fluidizing traffic by increasing circulation speed and thus reducing travelling times, with an impact similar to highways as regards local and regional development.

Like highways, express roads allow establishment of rapid, safe and less crowded connections among towns and regions, presenting the advantage of significantly lower construction costs and the possibility to be subsequently transformed into highways, bearing higher traffic volumes.

We align to the tendencies set in the latest General Transportation Master Plan and we assist projects for express roads that value current topographic and financial limitations.



The European roads are veritable economic and touristic development axis, aiming a connecting communities and cardinal points, by means of a modern, accessible and rapid transportation network.

We involve in the strategic development of the European road network, assisting the construction and development of these internationally important routes, during all stages, in accordance with the engineering standards imposed by the UN Economic Commission for Europe.

At the same time, we support the extension and development of the major axis making up the European transnational network TEN-T, which has strategic economic importance.



The main and secondary national roads represent connection lines with European and county roads.
Globally, they draw a connection network among main urban settlements, border points and capital.

We contribute to the implementation of projects for modernizing and developing national roads, for sustainable road transportation, allowing circulation under optimal safety and comfort conditions, regardless of the season.



The county roads play an important role in the regional development, ensuring accessibility of localities and connexion with national roads, on the one hand, and with urban streets and communal roads, on the other hand.

Involving in projects modernizing and rehabilitating county roads, we support the improvement of the inhabitants’ lives, the local and regional economic development and we facilitate connections among urban and rural areas.



The streets occupy the major part of the urban public space, have complex functionality and represent real axis along which the community’s economic and social life takes place.

We support the revitalization and development of modern urban streets, capable to bear fluid and safe pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
We give back the identity of streets that make the most of the touristic potential of the town and successfully integrate into the urban landscape, completing its personality.

The aspect and usefulness of the urban streets that we hall mark complete each other and meet the expectations of the direct beneficiaries – the members of the community.



The ring roads represent investments in the fluidity and life quality of residents, as they allow decongesting the intense traffic inside cities and removing discomfort generated by truck trailers: blockages, noise, dust, trepidations and hindered circulation.

We plan, design and assist the implementation of alternative routes accessible for those transiting large urban agglomerations and manage technical, administrative and topographic challenges that can occur in this type of road investments.



The bridges are infrastructure projects that combine functionality with safety and resistance.

Robust and strategic constructions, capable to connect people and places and to ensure fluid circulation, the bridges represent at the same time solutions for the limitations of the natural and built environment.

Besides actual intended functional use, the bridges are constructions often gaining emblematic value, due to technical innovation and to solid and distinctive architecture.

We concentrate our expertise in designing bridges that intercept local needs, offer continuity and create economical and social links.



The underground traffic constitutes a viable extension of the one above ground, where the natural environment causes challenges or the traffic volume impose it.

The tunnels and the bridges as well make connections and support supplementation of traffic needs.
At the same time, these constructions offer the advantage of reduced ecologic impact, significantly reduce phonic and visual pollution and make the use of road space more efficient.

We deliver multidisciplinary and innovative solutions for performance tunnel projects, responding to the expectations of the authorities and communities involved.