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Contract Forms

The FIDIC Contract Forms are developed to such extent that they constitute a coherent assembly, using provisions formulated similarly in each Book and that they can adapt to most projects, at international level.

The FIDIC Books are recommended both for the general use in projects implying public procurement procedures and for those for which international tenders are organized.

Each of these contract forms has two main parts, namely: General Conditions, applying to all contracts and do not have to suffer any changes and Special Conditions, that can be adapted depending on Beneficiary’s necessities.

Both the Beneficiary and the Contractor must be aware that the success of a project depends to a substantial extent on the choice of the appropriate FIDIC Book.


Red Book: CONS – Contract Conditions for Constructions

  • is recommended for the general use in the construction of buildings and engineering works;
  • is a Contract Form adequate for the use within projects that are large or have high complexity;
  • includes 20 general conditions and offers indications on managing special cases;
  • is recommended for buildings and engineering works designed by the Beneficiary (directly or via the Engineer) and executed by the Contractor;
  • sets forth that the Contractor commits to execute the works in conformity with the project ensured by the Beneficiary;
  • particularly, the projects based on the Red Book can also include elements for civil, mechanical, electrical and/or construction works designed by the Contractor, but not in majority proportion;
  • assigns to the Engineer the following roles: contract administration, monitoring the good execution of works, payment approval.

  • is a standard contract recommended both for supplying electrical/mechanical equipment and for buildings or engineering works;
  • assigns to the Contractor both the design and the execution, in accordance with the requirements imposed by the Beneficiary;
  • within this Contract Form, the Engineer manages the contract, monitors the works on site, approves payments;
  • it is suitable for situations where instalment payment is selected, as the project works are performed, according to a payment previously established;
  • allows any combination of civil, mechanical, electrical or construction works.


Silver Book: Contract Conditions for PAC – Turnkey Projects

  • provides that the Contractor should ensure both design, and works procurement and execution process, in this way taking upon themselves full responsibility for the quality of the final result;
  • the project is submitted to the Beneficiary as a „turnkey project”, a final product that can be used at any moment for the intended purpose;
  • implies Beneficiary’s minor implication, as compared to other contract forms;
  • ensures high safety level related to final cost, which should be equivalent to the one initially established and observance of execution duration.


Green Book: Short Form of the Contract

  • it is a Contract Form recommended mainly for projects having relatively low value, but in particular cases it can also be used for projects having higher value, if the works are not too complex, are repetitive or take place for a short duration;
  • usually, it provides that the Contractor should execute the works based on a design offered by the Beneficiary, but situations when the contractor (partially or entirely) designs civil, mechanical, electrical and construction works are not excluded either.