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Management of FIDIC contracts

Management of FIDIC contracts


Using a process to manage contracts in a systematic and efficient way, we promote the stability of the relationship among parties involved, improve operational and financial performances and keep risks to a minimum level.


The management service for developing and executing FIDIC contracts includes activities of:

  • analysis and planning;
  • ensuring that contractual terms and conditions are met;
  • qualitative and quantitative audit during commissioning and after its completion;
  • risk management;
  • dispute management;
  • mediation of relationship among parties;
  • quality management;
  • ensuring that the H&S and environmental framework is observed.



We organize the activity strategically, taking into account the specific objectives of the contracts, the expected results, the budget established and the deadlines set, with a view to ensuring a high efficiency level.

We plan the way we allocate material and human resources corresponding to each activity, sequence of tasks and we define the general pathway for the stages provided in the contract.

We establish in advance measures for reorganizing activities, in the event of delays, so that its productivity can be restored, and the impact upon the project should be minim.



We closely monitor the activities provided in the contract and we offer evaluation during all stages, based on performance indicators.

We qualitatively control the materials and equipment used in work processes and the execution manner as well. We aim at observing all stages provided in the contract, analytically evaluate their status, establish potential causes and the necessity to reprogram, if delays or inadvertencies occur.

We ensure that the final works taking over certificate is developed and we aim that the results should fully comply with contract provisions.



Human resources are essential for the success of a project and for fulfilling the stages provided in the contract. In this way, observing occupational health and safety norms (in accordance with the provisions included in Directive 89/391/EEC) represents an indispensable condition.

We ensure the development of the general plan related to occupational health and safety for the personnel, taking into account the specific activities of the contract.

We select the working procedures having a minim level of risk and we establish customised rules on the protection equipment and access on site. We ensure that the employees are capable for the job for which they are hired, they are in an optimum psycho-physiological condition and use adequate equipment and machineries, without any improvisation.

At the same time, we coordinate the implementation of the measures provided in the occupational H&S plan and we take care that the employers fully observe these principles.



A performance risk management means more than safeguarding, requesting an anticipative, proactive approach and a strategic thinking, using all opportunities that can lead to solving critical moments.

By means of objectivity, analytical attitude and good knowledge of the particularities of the implementation field, we identify and control technical, economical and ecological risks and situations that could affect the appropriate observance of the stages provided in the contract.

We estimate their sensitivity and we develop crisis strategies and tactics, including work procedures capable to support the operational status.



During contract implementation, sometimes divergences between contracting parties and claims from them can occur.

Under these situations, our consultants manage technical and legal claims, always taking into account project objectives and contractual conditions, supporting the development of advantageous agreements between the beneficiary and the contracted entrepreneurs.

We offer consultancy related to ways to solve claims and to judge litigations and we support beneficiary’s case in front of the Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB).