Konsents’ Mission

Our mission is to represent the first choice for planning, implementing and supervising strategic projects that are sustainable for the natural and built environment, providing the most viable and sustainable technical, economic and management solutions, by multidisciplinary and performance approach.

Accreditations & Quality

  • Railway Technical Approval
  • Railway Supplier Authorization
  • ACRAFE Member
  • SR EN ISO 9001:2008
  • SR EN ISO 14001:2005
Environment and Environmental Protection

The today and tomorrow engineering has an objective duty to permanently report itself to sustainable development principles – this is an idea we strongly believe in.

Transportation Infrastructure

The transportation infrastructure is a facility indispensable for modern life, representing a real “red thread” for society and communities.

Energetic Sector

Energy has a strategic importance for the economic development and represents at the same time a base utility, having a major impact upon life quality.

Civil Constructions

We design and assist the construction and modernization of buildings that inspire and make the difference in the environment where they are built, impress by architecture and functionality, are prepared to pass the time test and contribute to urban revitalization.

Industrial Constructions

We develop strategies in order to anticipate and minimize the risks specific to industrial activity and to increase economic efficiency, in order to reduce operational costs and to protect the natural environment.

Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

We are prepared to involve in public projects based on public – private partnership that is transparent, balanced and oriented towards collective economic progress.